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Do You Like What You See? Aquaculture Meeting Addresses Use Conflicts

Aquaculture initiative seeks to resolve differences among shellfish growers, municipalities, and the state agency in charge of managing public trust waters  Aquaculture in Rhode Island has grown from 33 farms a decade ago to over 80 today. Despite the popularity of the state’s oysters at a proliferating number of local raw bars, not everyone is
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Dam Liability New Climate Issue in Rhode Island

There are dozens of dams throughout Rhode Island that are considered unsafe, with one expert telling the Providence Journal, “we are literally one storm away from loss of life.”  Of the 668 dams in the state—many more than a century old—178 are classified as “high hazard” or “significant hazard” dams, meaning that failure of any
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“Citizen Scientists” Needed to Photograph Flooding

Rhode Island Coastal Planners Ask Public to Use MyCoast App to Share Flood Photos With the last extreme high tides of the year arriving October 27-30 and November 26, Rhode Island coastal management planners are looking for help from the public in documenting flooding in low-lying areas. Staff of Rhode Island Sea Grant, the Coastal
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Takings Implications of Offshore Wind Energy Development

The successful installation of the Block Island Wind Farm in 2016 and its continued operation have encouraged investments in offshore wind projects in federal waters along the Atlantic seaboard. These proposed projects raise questions about their impacts on the environment and to other users and may face legal challenges. Many of these projects are proposed
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New Study shows how eating more oysters could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

If Americans replaced 10% of their meat consumption with oysters, the greenhouse gas savings would be the equivalent of keeping nearly 11 million cars off of the road, according to a new study by Sea Grant-funded researchers. That’s roughly 20 times the number of cars registered in Rhode Island. Their findings were recently published in
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Coastweeks: Local Impact of Climate Change, Public Panel

Join us Thursday, September 26  for a public panel on the impact of climate change in the region. In conjunction with the Climate Change Art & Action exhibition (September 3-26), the URI Providence campus is featuring a public panel presentation on URI’s climate science research. The community forum features current information on the impact of
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Communities May Be Faced with Elevating or Abandoning Coastal Highways

Coastal communities in the Ocean State will be faced with difficult choices in the not-so-distant future as the encroachment of the sea and more powerful storms increase flooding in low-lying areas. One of those difficult choices is deciding what to do with vulnerable highways. Nearly 66 miles of coastal highways, most of which are smaller,
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Invasive Marine Species Found in Point Judith Marina

Barely the size of a marble, a small white and pink-spotted sea anemone sways gently in the same plastic bag you would bring a goldfish home in. “We haven’t seen it since 2013,” says Jim Carlton, a world-renowned researcher in aquatic invasive species from Williams Mystic.  “It’s a little southern species with nice pink spots
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Oysters’ Guts May Help Reduce Coastal Pollution

A recent study by Sea Grant-funded researchers from Boston University supports the notion that oyster reef restoration and aquaculture efforts may be an important method for removing nutrients that can over-fertilize coastal waters. The study, published in the July issue of Marine Ecology Progress Series, measures the rate of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorous processed in
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Experts discuss dangers of sea level rise at Watch Hill

Courtesy of the Westerly Sun By Dale P. Faulkner WESTERLY — More than 100 people gathered Monday at Lanphear Livery in Watch Hill to listen to two experts discuss the impact of sea level rise and storm surge on the region and steps the state is taking to help prospective builders protect their investments. The
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