Dam Liability New Climate Issue in Rhode Island

New study by the Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Program looks at the legal liability of dam owners as the risk for dam failure grows, increasing the risk of damages to life and property.

New Study shows how eating more oysters could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Sea Grant-funded researchers highlight oysters as a potential protein alternative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to land-based meat production.

Takings Implications of Offshore Wind Energy Development

The potential for legal challenges to offshore wind projects by coastal property owners was the focus of a recent study by a Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Fellow.

Invasive Marine Species Found in Point Judith Marina

Warmer waters mean new species are making their way north.

Communities May Be Faced with Elevating or Abandoning Coastal Highways

Hundreds of miles of road are at risk from predicted sea level storm surge – pressing communities to think now about future infrastructure. Rhode Island Sea Grant Law investigates the legal and policy considerations of elevating or abandoning roads.

Offshore Wind Farms Worry Fishermen from Point Judith to New Bedford

Expansion of offshore development may come cost both Massachusetts and Rhode Island fishermen without proper research.