Climate Resilience and Security

Coastal communities and military installations on the U.S. coast are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather. 

Marine Law Symposium Nov.16

Legal experts will discuss how state and local governments in coastal New England can overcome legal barriers to climate adaptation.

Rhode Island Sound’s Role in Fueling Harmful Algal Blooms

Researchers are using mussels to help determine whether harmful algal blooms in Narragansett Bay first start in Rhode Island Sound in an effort to predict future blooms and protect local waters and seafood.

Remembering Hurricane ’38 to Avoid Future Disaster

One of the deadliest storms hit Rhode Island in 1938, which cost hundreds of lives. If we don't remember, we are doomed to repeat it.

A Lifetime Under the Waves

For the last 18 years, Jon Witman and his students have spent at least three months a year studying marine biodiversity in the Galápagos, which Witman says has the highest functional diversity level in the entire world.