Putting the Year in Perspective

Rhode Island Sea Grant highlights from our top stories and moments from these last twelve months.

New Survey Shows Block Island Wind Farm Viewed More Favorably for Recreational Fishermen

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have found recreational fishermen to view the offshore wind farm in a more positive light than commercial fishermen.

Rhode Island Sea Grant Call for Research Proposals for $2 Million Investment

Rhode Island Sea Grant is now accepting pre-proposal submissions for research projects focused on the effects of ecosystem change in Narragansett Bay.

Climate in the Courtrooms

Communities are grappling with how to plan for and adapt to new projections of rising seas and warming temperatures, which present not only financial and political issues but legal ones as well.

Climate Resilience and Security

Coastal communities and military installations on the U.S. coast are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather. 

Rhode Island Sound’s Role in Fueling Harmful Algal Blooms

Researchers are using mussels to help determine whether harmful algal blooms in Narragansett Bay first start in Rhode Island Sound in an effort to predict future blooms and protect local waters and seafood.