Our Work


Science Serving Coastal Communities

Coastal Resilience

Rhode Island’s 400-mile coastline is rapidly changing from erosion caused by storms, rising sea levels, and development.

Our coastal specialists work with communities to apply science‐based information in adaptation plans to better prepare and adapt to coastal hazards.

Sustainable Seafood

Seafood is the cornerstone of the cultural and economic fabric of the Ocean State.

Our fisheries and aquaculture specialists work to support a vibrant seafood industry through the application of the best science available via public education, industry training, and policy development.

Ocean Planning

A small state with large resources requires careful planning of limited resources and space to preserve the rights and needs of all its stakeholders.

Our coastal specialists work with communities, state and federal agencies, and industry to carve the best path forward that accounts for all users of our ocean spaces and resources with the best science available to preserve crucial habitat and ecosystem health.

Marine Law & Policy

How we protect, preserve, and use our coastal and ocean resources is dictated largely by marine law.

Our legal experts and law fellows work with communities and organizations to conduct legal research and analysis on real-world issues in ocean and coastal law.


We provide new and exciting opportunities for students to engage in marine and coastal issues through hands-on experiences to work with communities on real problems.

Our aim is to build knowledge and awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems for the next generation of professionals so that they may be stewards of these valuable resources.