Chlorine: Killing Pathogens, Not Aquatic Life

That “pool” smell that may trigger fond memories for some while nauseating others isn’t from chlorine. It’s from chloramines, chemicals formed from chlorine reacting with other elements, such as ammonia—a component of sweat and urine. Bad news for avid pool-goers. This brief chemistry lesson came courtesy of Art Spivack, University of Rhode Island oceanography professor,
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Sliding into First, Cranston Wins Seafood Cook-off

Monkfish sliders take top prize for Cranston Area Career & Technical Center at the 2018 Rhode Island Seafood Cook-off The contenders for best monkfish recipe were impressive — a “lobster” roll with homemade potato chips, a piccata, a pan-seared preparation over red-pepper risotto with asparagus, and one served with a carrot-ginger puree and Asian salad — but
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Clear Water Raises Concerns for Fishermen

If attendees at the Ronald C. Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium were united by a concern about the health of Narragansett Bay, some were divided about what exactly is happening and why. That was evident in the stakeholder segment of the program. The five-member panel of commercial fishermen in the lobster, crab, and shellfishing industries,
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Algae bloom in Narragansett Bay good news for R.I. shellfish industry

By Alex Kuffner | Courtesy of the Providence Journal At the Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium held in December, some fishermen complained that the dwindling algae blooms are making the Bay less productive than it used to be. But an unusually large algae bloom hit Narragansett Bay this winter that provided a rich food source
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Shellfish Shorts: The Business of Shellfish

Commercial shellfishing is an important part of Rhode Island’s food economy. Michael McGiveney, a longtime shellfisherman, and Conor McManus, a marine biologist, discuss the business of shellfishing in Rhode Island and what it means as a livelihood and for the state’s economy. + Watch to learn more.  

Shellfish Shorts: Shucking Demo

Bob “Skid” Rheault, executive director of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association, takes us step-by-step on how to easily and safely shuck an oyster. Watch to learn more.   

The Murder Mystery of Narragansett Bay’s Winter Flounder

For decades, winter flounder have been disappearing from Narragansett Bay, but the question remains: What, or who, is killing them off, or preventing them from spawning in the first place? “We have a classic ‘Who did it?’ This is a murder mystery if there ever was one,” said Joe Langan, a Ph.D. student at the
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Beach SAMP Unveils Final Chapters on Coastal Resilience Plan

By Cynthia Drummond | Courtesy of the Westerly Sun NARRAGANSETT — The developers of the latest Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan, or Beach SAMP, unveiled the final chapters of the document at a meeting Thursday at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography. Chapter 6 examines state and municipal considerations, and Chapter
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Quahog Research Fleet Video Release

To celebrate a successful Quahog Week, the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation has released a short film showcasing the work of the Quahog Research Fleet. Quahogs are one of the most valuable fisheries in Narragansett Bay. To maintain the sustainability of this fishery, better sampling methods are needed for proper stock assessments. In recognition of this,
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A Sinking State and a Rising Sea: Salt Marshes Provide the Answer

Rhode Island’s historic coastal cities, such as Newport and Providence, were built on ground that is slowly sinking and has been for thousands of years. “We’re standing on what we’d like to think is solid ground, but anyone [who’s ever] been in an earthquake knows that it isn’t as solid as we might like to
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