Marine Law Symposium Nov. 16: Legal Strategies for Climate Adaptation in Coastal New England

Join us on Friday, November 16, 2018 at the Roger Williams University School of Law for a discussion on how state and local governments in coastal New England can overcome legal barriers to climate adaptation. Legal experts from the Georgetown Climate Center in Washington D.C., the Conservation Law Foundation, the Sabin Center for Climate Change
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Rhode Island Sound’s Role in Fueling Harmful Algal Blooms in Narragansett Bay

Anchored boats and buoys slowly emerge from and vanish back into the fog that lays thick across the water’s surface in the early morning hours as we slowly motor out of Wickford Harbor. It’s the beginning of May and I’m with GSO researchers Lucie Maranda, Dave Ullman, and their student, Joe Barnes, in a 16-foot
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Panel Review of Rhode Island Sea Grant Seeks Public Comments

Public comments are sought for the Rhode Island Sea Grant 2018 Program Review Deadline for submission of comments is: November 19, 2018 Rhode Island Sea Grant will be reviewed on November 27-29, 2018 by a team convened by the National Sea Grant College Program. The review will be conducted at the University of Rhode Island
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The Value of Numerical Models in Predicting Future Disasters

One of the biggest challenges facing a governor when a dangerous hurricane is barrelling towards their state is to convince people to evacuate. This happened in North Carolina last month as the state grappled with Hurricane Florence. Flooding threatened resident Dawn Davis’ house in the midst of the storm, according to a story in Time
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Remembering Hurricane ’38 to Avoid Future Disaster

“The first 72 (hours) is on you,” said Teresa Crean, Community Extension Specialist at Rhode Island Sea Grant, to a full house at the North Kingstown Public Library during a Coastweeks event on September 19. These are the pivotal hours, she said, in preventing tragedies from happening. Crean spoke after the screening of a short
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41N magazines & tie-dye T-shirts

Join 41°N at the Graduate School of Oceanography Open House Oct. 13

At our 41°N booth, sign up for your free copy of Rhode Island’s Ocean & Coastal Magazine and design your own tie-dye shirt!  ($5 donation requested per shirt) Saturday, October 13 10 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. URI Graduate School of Oceanography Narragansett Bay Campus 215 South Ferry Road, Narragansett Come to the Graduate School of Oceanography Open House and check out
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New Issue 41˚N | Exploration

The new issue of 41˚N is now available in both print and digital editions. This issue examines how and why we explore the vast oceans, which yield new discoveries but largely remain a mystery. –From the Editor– The vast oceans—responsible for generating half of the air we breathe, sequestering carbon to reduce the impacts of climate change,
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Sea Grant Director Recognized for Career Dedicated to the Oceans

Where Has All the Eelgrass Gone?

A slide showing two different sets of eelgrass plants glowed on the screen. The set on the left seemed stunted and short. The set on the right had willowy, long shoots. If you knew nothing about eelgrass, you might conclude that the plants on the right were the healthier of the two. In fact, however,
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PBS Community Conversation: Is Narragansett Bay Too Clean?

Inspired by presentations and conversations generated at the Rhode Island Sea Grant Baird Science Symposium, Rhode Island PBS will be hosting a panel to further discuss changes in Narragansett Bay. Fishermen complain that bureaucrats have over-treated Narragansett Bay and damaged their livelihood. Scientists say the Bay is healthier than it has been in decades. With
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