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Narragansett Bay Recovers from Algal Bloom, Shellfish Safe

An unprecedented algal bloom that spanned from Long Island to Maine triggered a shellfishing ban in Narragansett Bay for most of October. After it ended and shellfish beds reopened, fishermen, shellfish farmers, and environmental managers convened at a public meeting in December to try to understand what caused the bloom and what to do about future
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Sen. Whitehouse Touts Rhode Island’s Resiliency from Senate Floor

Earlier this month, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse presented to his peers his 151st speech on climate change. He addressed the various challenges that particularly face coastal areas, from sea level rise and storm surge to increasing surface temperatures and ocean acidification. “The effects of climate change will hit home first, and hardest, along our coasts,” said Whitehouse, referencing the
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Army Corps Explains Sea Level Rise Plan

Army Corps proposal to elevate homes and sea level rise projection maps presented at Beach SAMP meeting. Matunuck’s shoreline has moved a lot further landward than was 80 years ago, and it will continue to move further landward — and more rapidly — in the future. The exact timetable of the retreat is uncertain, said
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Consent Needed for Aquaculture Expansion

The history and future of the 5% Rule for aquaculture in Rhode Island salt ponds. The amount of cultured oysters harvested from Rhode Island coastal salt ponds could be increased by 61 times the current production rate without significantly impacting the environment, according to a 2011 study that challenges the current 5 percent of surface
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Coastal Career Day Offers Reassurance and Advice

The first steps into any career can depend a lot upon the state of the economy, said speakers at The Coastal Society’s Coastal Career Day. While the economy has been slowly recovering from the 2008 recession, slow job growth and rising education costs have markedly changed the landscape for new professionals. “If you have to
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Ninigret Aquaculture Tour

From the early morning to late afternoon, oyster farmers stride waist-deep in Ninigret Pond harvesting oysters for a nearby floating platform where workers pass them through a tumbler, sorting them by size and keeping the ones ready for market, which can take 15 to 28 months. “This one is equipped with solar panels to power
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Climate Change Threat to Home Septic Systems

A team of researchers from the University of Rhode Island (and supported by Rhode Island Sea Grant) is recommending that state and federal officials rethink the regulations for the installation and management of home septic systems, especially in the coastal zone, in light of research they conducted that demonstrated that warming temperatures and rising sea
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Tour the Block Island Wind Farm

  THIS TOUR IS FULL Deepwater Wind has completed construction of the nation’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Block Island, and the blades are set to begin turning in October. Join us in Newport for a guided tour of the wind farm aboard a high-speed ferry October 14 and hear experts involved
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Flooding visualization

You Are Here: Mapping how sea level rise and flooding will affect your home

If you live in any of Rhode Island’s 21 coastal municipalities, you will soon be able to find out exactly how your home will be affected by sea level rise and coastal flooding thanks to a new report done as part of the state’s Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan, or Beach SAMP. Nicole Leporacci,
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Sustainable Solutions for Fiberglass Boats

Imagine all the power boats and sailing vessels that dot Rhode Island waters, especially in the heat of the summer, ending up in a landfill. Today, about 16 percent of all Rhode Island households own a registered recreational vessel. And while modern-day fiberglass hulls provide owners with durable reliability and unbridled safety, they also last about
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