Girl Scout Beach at King Preserve Hiking at King Preserve

I don’t know how it is for other people, but for me, hiking with kids was not something I did too much of until mine were 7 and 9 years old—which is to say, we’ve just begun. In prior years, even short neighborhood walks were met with groans of boredom and exhaustion while our home
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RISG’s Pam Rubinoff on Accelerated Sea Level Rise with WPRI

Courtesy of WPRI 12 EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The ocean is a major resource for Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They’re not called the Ocean State and the Bay State for nothing. So sea level rise is a vitally important issue for our area and according to local researchers, our coastline will change dramatically in
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Quahog Hot Spots in Narragansett Bay

Some areas of Narragansett Bay, such as Barrington Beach, are well-known quahog hot spots. But how did they get that way? And is a “spawning sanctuary” in the bay, where no shellfishing is allowed, effective? Should it be moved elsewhere, or should an additional site be established? Researchers at the University of Rhode Island Graduate
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Scallop dish

Public Invited to Seafood Cookoff Featuring Scallops

Chariho Area Career & Technical Center to host cookoff for five R.I. career and technical high schools; public is invited RICHMOND, R.I.—Local high school culinary students will be competing in the 2017 Rhode Island Seafood Cookoff, hosted by the Chariho Area Career & Technical Center, on Wednesday, May 3, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and
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Newport Harbor, Rhode Island

Proposed Administration Budget Aims to Eliminate Sea Grant Immediately

Loss of Rhode Island Sea Grant would impact state, University of Rhode Island An unprecedented administration proposal to cut the national Sea Grant budget by $30 million effective April 28 would likely mean the elimination of the program altogether, including the Rhode Island Sea Grant program at the University of Rhode Island. The cuts to
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Rhode Island Sea Grant Investments in Rhode Island at Stake

Several years ago, when we at Rhode Island Sea Grant were evaluating the magazine that we publish jointly with the Coastal Institute at the University of Rhode Island, we held a series of focus groups to see what readers liked—and didn’t like—about 41°N. One message came through particularly clearly: Readers were not interested in a
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Knauss Fellow Joins US Committee on the Marine Transportation System

The US Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) welcomes Ali Mitchell who has joined the CMTS Executive Secretariat as the 2017 Knauss Sea Grant Fellow representing Rhode Island Sea Grant. Mitchell’s responsibilities during this year-long fellowship with CMTS will include activities in Arctic maritime transportation, maritime energy, and ocean policy. She will also be supporting the Department of
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Cashing in on Offshore Sand Deposits

There are offshore sand deposits that could be used to replenish R.I. beaches less expensively than land-based sources – but what will the consequences be? Rome Point

A spring-like February school vacation day is meant to be spent outdoors. Friends were posting photos of their kids skiing in New Hampshire or ice skating on Boston Common. We decided to go to the beach. I left work early and drove over to Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, where I met my husband with the kids.
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New URI Study to Look at Impacts of Block Island Wind Farm on Recreation & Tourism

BOEM Contracts URI for New Project to Identify Impacts of Offshore Wind Farm Analysis Focusing on Effects of Block Island Wind Farm on Rhode Island Recreation and Tourism Activities NARRAGANSETT, RHODE ISLAND –– In Rhode Island state ocean waters, the nation’s first wind farm, southeast of Block Island, is operational and generating power. The U.S. Bureau
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