Rocky Point Arch Visiting Rocky Point State Park More Than a Nostalgia Tour

I was due for a visit to Rocky Point State Park to add it to our web app. The description on the state parks website was not encouraging. It was full of nine sensible rules for safety (stay on the path!) and keeping the park clean (don’t remove anything from the park, other than
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“PREP-RI” Videos Offer Coastal Hazard Resilience Training

Rhode Island planners and anyone else wanting to learn about improving their coastal community’s resilience to flooding and erosion can view a series of short educational videos online at the PREP-RI website. PREP-RI stands for “Providing Resilience Education for Planning in Rhode Island,” and is funded by the state. The Coastal Resources Center and Rhode Island Sea
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GoLocalProv Talks to RISG Director 

Rhode Island Sea Grant Director Dennis Nixon talks to GoLocalProv about Sea Grant’s impact on the state’s environment and economy and potential budget cuts that may shut down the program nationwide.  >>Watch An Afternoon at Crescent Park

One of the things I always imagined doing with my kids, before I had kids, was taking them to places I went as a child, introducing them to the wonders of nature, and basking in their loving appreciation. In reality, this has met with mixed success. Nine years in, I’ve realized that fun and fast
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Aerial view of the Endeavor at the URI Bay Campus

Oceanography Students Launch Ocean Science Discussion Series

Bay Informed Discussion Series: Bringing ocean science ashore! The public is invited to the kick-off talk in a new discussion series Thursday, June 22, 2017 7:00-8:00 p.m. GSO Coastal Institute Auditorium 220 S Ferry Rd, Narragansett, RI Continuing on every third Thursday of the month Join us for an interactive discussion of ocean science, the first
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Boat Disposal Plan Progresses

Sea Grant looks for opportunities to reduce waste from composite boatbuilding. By Melissa Wood Courtesy of Professional BoatBuilder Magazine Last year PBB investigated several potential solutions to reduce waste from composite boatbuilding and to dispose of the pile of unwanted used composite boats. Those included developments in carbon fiber recycling, and the introduction of materials
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Paid Commercial Fisherman Apprenticeship

The Commercial Fisherman Apprenticeship Program is a new crew training program designed and offered by the East Farm Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island, commercial fishermen, and supporting shoreline businesses of Point Judith. The training will provide essential knowledge and skills The training will provide essential knowledge and
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Pecan-Crusted Scallops - 2017 Rhode Island Seafood Cook-off

Pecan-Crusted Scallops Win Seafood Cook-off

Dish to be featured at Trio Restaurant, or try out the recipes at home [metaslider id=6667] Five teams of high school culinary students from around the state competed in the third annual cook-off featuring local seafood. Pecan-crusted scallops over an apple salad took the prize at the 2017 Rhode Island Seafood Cook-off for the team
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shucking shellfish at RI Shellfish Initiative launch

Rhode Island Shellfish Initiative to Bolster Shellfishing, Aquaculture, and Bay Health

Aquaculture and shellfishing are multi-million dollar industries in Rhode Island, but there are challenges to both industries’ continued growth. On one hand, Narragansett Bay is cleaner than it has been since the Industrial Revolution. On the other, climate change is increasing water temperatures and paving the way for ocean acidification that harms shellfish. Other challenges
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Girl Scout Beach at King Preserve Hiking at King Preserve

I don’t know how it is for other people, but for me, hiking with kids was not something I did too much of until mine were 7 and 9 years old—which is to say, we’ve just begun. In prior years, even short neighborhood walks were met with groans of boredom and exhaustion while our home
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