Carbon: Too Much of a Good Thing

The carbon budget may be the single most important metric we have to grapple with as a global community.

Predicting the Next “Superstorm”

Researchers are looking at how air-sea interactions may change our ability to understand and better forecast tropical cyclones.

Storms May Play Bigger Role in Ozone and Climate

As storms become stronger, they may play a bigger role in creating toxic ozone and in stealing it from the protective layer that blocks the sun's UV rays.

Visiting Rocky Point State Park More Than a Nostalgia Tour

Shoreline-RI.com features this former amusement park as one of over 300 public access spots along the state's coast.

Coastal Tourism Tested by Climate Change

Sea level rise, flooding, warming waters, and erosion are rapidly changing the coastal landscape – challenging marine and coast-related tourism industries to adapt.