Tell Me a Story | Redesigning Oakland Beach

URI junior landscape architecture students use “green” designs to help the area increase its resilience to storms and erosion.

The Scituate Reservoir: A Reminder of the Price of Progress

The Scituate Reservoir supplies 60 percent of the state's water, but was created by displacing families and neighborhoods.

Coming to America: Bioinvasions from Japanese Tsunami

Join us February 11! Dr. James Carlton will discuss what marine life is being discovered along the West Coast on debris from 2011 Japanese tsunami, and the potential bioinvasions from natural disasters.

A Tale of Two Homes

Protecting homes and businesses from the elements is a factor of coastal life. The FORTIFIED program and associated standards is one option that coastal planning agencies in Rhode Island are exploring to increase the resilience of buildings.

How the Ocean Traps Carbon

Much of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere eventually makes its way into the ocean. Researchers look at how the ocean absorbs this carbon to better understand the progression and impact of global climate change.

Rhode Island’s Shellfish Heritage: An Ecological History

This new publication delves into the history of Rhode Island’s iconic shellfish and offers the perspectives of those whose lives are intrinsically tied. Read online.