Clear Water Raises Concerns for Fishermen

Fishermen and aquaculturists report different perceptions of changes in Narragansett Bay.

We are the Landscape

Lorén Spears shares native history on how the natural world and changing seasons have long been the hub of Narragansett life.

The Murder Mystery of Winter Flounder

Researchers investigate what, or who is responsible for the historically low numbers of winter flounder in Narragansett Bay. Preliminary results point to warming temperatures and more predators

Quahog Research Fleet Video

New short film highlights how shellfishermen are working with scientists and resource managers to better assess and manage one of Rhode Island's most valuable fisheries.

Geology in Motion

Rhode Island surfers, like all other surfing communities, have been benefiting from millions of years of weathering and tectonic activity that have subsequently shaped coastlines and their respective breaks.

A Sinking State and a Rising Sea

Scientists look to salt marshes for answers on how Rhode Island's sinking coast has responded to past sea level changes in an effort to better understand future implications as sea levels continue to climb.