Warming Waters Are Changing the Fishing Game

Fishermen like Chris Brown follow sea temperatures that offer clues to where fish hide. But rising average sea temperatures have made tracking and catching fish more complex.

Elevating Drowning Salt Marshes

Dredging sediments to build back drowning salt marshes is Rhode Island's next move in preserving a crucial habitat and vulnerable species.

Planning Ocean Space for the Future

Marine spatial planning is what made the Block Island Wind Farm a reality, and is an emerging field as the notion of a ‘first come, first served’ no longer satisfies multiple competing uses and access to ocean resources.

The Word is Surge

How well are marinas and mooring fields in the Ocean State prepared for storm surge? What boat owners should know before a storm hits.

Mapping Japanese Tsunami Debris and Marine Invasions

Debris littered with marine organisms from the 2011 Japanese tsunami continues to impact the U.S. West Coast, highlighting the role of natural disasters in transporting new and potentially harmful species, and implications to the local environment.