The Word is Surge

How well are marinas and mooring fields in the Ocean State prepared for storm surge? What boat owners should know before a storm hits.


Annual celebration to honor Rhode Island's coasts will begin September 18 and continue on into October with tours of our coasts and marshes, as well as events with sea shanties, and lessons on marine invasive species and Rhode Island's largest 'Ship Graveyard.'

Mapping Japanese Tsunami Debris and Marine Invasions

Debris littered with marine organisms from the 2011 Japanese tsunami continues to impact the U.S. West Coast, highlighting the role of natural disasters in transporting new and potentially harmful species, and implications to the local environment.

Nature or Nurture for Sandy-Damaged Shorelines

As plans take shape to slow ongoing erosion and protect against future storms, one approach to beach repair merits consideration: letting nature run its course.

Offshore Wind Farm Marks Milestone in Energy Development and Marine Spatial Planning

The first U.S. offshore wind farm in Rhode Island is praised by the state's investments in marine spatial planning that helped launch this next phase in renewable energy development.

Harmful Algae Species Identified in Narragansett Bay

New algae species in Narragansett Bay, the first siting in New England, draws attention to a changing ecosystem and potential future impacts to Rhode Island's shellfish.