An Ounce of Prevention: Probiotics Hold Potential for Shellfish Disease

URI Researchers experiment with probiotic applications in oyster hatcheries and lobster harvests to fight harmful shellfish diseases that could have implications for Rhode Island’s seafood industry.

Preparing Ports to Ride Out the Storm

The Port of Providence, the petroleum hub for southern New England that is critical to the state's energy supply, is one of many seaports threatened by sea level rise and storm surges.

Acidification Threatens Rhode Island’s Shellfish

Rhode Island is identified in a new study as one of the top at-risk areas from ocean acidification because of its economic dependence on shellfishing.

The Nitrogen Cycle Lie

Researchers reveal new findings on the role of nitrogen in marine ecosystem functioning and the impacts of climate change.

STORMTOOLS Sets Up RI Coast for Resiliency

Rhode Island communities are "stepping up" to a national challenge in planning for sea level and storms at a local level. New maps aim to guide planning efforts that protect critical infrastructure, as well as public health and safety.