Geology in Motion

Rhode Island surfers, like all other surfing communities, have been benefiting from millions of years of weathering and tectonic activity that have subsequently shaped coastlines and their respective breaks.

Coastal State Discussion | Can Winter Flounder Survive Warming Temperatures?

Join us on March 29 to learn about recent research looking at the role temperature plays in winter flounder populations in Narragansett Bay.

A Sinking State and a Rising Sea

Scientists look to salt marshes for answers on how Rhode Island's sinking coast has responded to past sea level changes in an effort to better understand future implications as sea levels continue to climb.

Geological Challenges to Coastal Living

Not all Rhode Island coastal areas were created equal when it comes to their vulnerability to sea level rise, erosion, and flooding.

Narragansett Bay is Changing in More Ways Than One

Wastewater treatment upgrades and climate change are having a combined effect on Narragansett Bay, leaving fishermen to wonder what's in store for the future of the industry.