Remembering Hurricane ’38 to Avoid Future Disaster

Filmmaker Carla Ricci screened a short documentary on one of Rhode Island's deadliest storms as part of a discussion on how to better prepare communities ahead of a storm.

A Lifetime Under the Waves

For the last 18 years, Jon Witman and his students have spent at least three months a year studying marine biodiversity in the Galápagos, which Witman says has the highest functional diversity level in the entire world.

Where Has All the Eelgrass Gone?

Only a fraction of Narragansett Bay’s eelgrass beds remains due to nutrient loading from runoff and wastewater discharge and climate change.

Is Narragansett Bay Too Clean?

Watch Rhode Island PBS's Community Conversations to hear what fishermen, researchers, and policymakers are saying about the health of the bay.

Can Plankton Survive Warming Seas?

GSO students discuss how tiny marine plants impact climate and how rapidly warming water temperatures may disrupt that relationship and their ability to serve as the basis of the food chain.