Marine Spatial Planning Short Film Series

In Rhode Island and beyond, coastal communities are working on plans to manage the ocean's resources to generate new industries, support job creation, and provide food and services to an ever-increasing population. This four-part series explores this effort with ocean practitioners from around the world and provides an overview of economic, offshore renewable energy, fisheries, and the environmental issues related to ocean planning.

Part 1. America's Ocean Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

Part 2. Advancing the Ocean Economy: Renewable Energy

Part 3. Ocean Planning: Enhancing and Protecting out Fisheries

Part 4. Protecting Our Oceans Through Marine Spatial Planning

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Audio Series

In conjunction with the Ocean Special Area Management Plan progress, the Ocean SAMP team is creating a series of podcasts to help further inform people interested in this ambitious ecosystem-based ocean planning effort. In these brief interview segments -- each focused on one of the chapters that will comprise the final, comprehensive report -- the authors of the chapters answer questions which the team hopes will address the specific issues that most concern the public, in a manner that is readily understandable. Please give us any feedback you have, as the desire of the Ocean SAMP team is to be as clear and concise as possible, given the complexity of the overall project, and to serve the public's interests first and foremost. Thank you.

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