Join Teresa Crean, AICP, Director of Planning, Building and Resilience for Barrington, and Wenley Ferguson, Director of Habitat Restoration for Save The Bay, for a discussion of how they use MyCoast photos of flooding and storm impacts in their work. ⁠

This webinar will take place Thursday, Feb. 29 from 5-6PM.⁠

MyCoast volunteers from all over coastal Rhode Island take photos during extreme high tides and after storms to show where our communities are vulnerable to flooding, erosion, and damages from these events.⁠
Tagged with tidal and weather information from when the photo was taken and geolocated on a map, these pictures are available on for anyone to use.

Whether you would like to know more about how your MyCoast photos may be used or how you can use these photos for planning, presentations, or community education and outreach, join us for this webinar! All registered participants will have a chance to submit questions prior to the presentation.⁠