Check out Sea Grant’s new Resilience Toolkit, which features tools and resources developed over the years by Sea Grant to help communities across the nation be more resilient.

As coastal populations continue to grow, more people are vulnerable to natural hazards such as severe storms, erosion and flooding, as well as water quality challenges associated with climate change. Sea Grant programs across the nation have worked with and developed specific tools for various communities to meet local needs. The Sea Grant Resilience Toolkit brings together all of the program’s resources so people can learn about the tools from various networks and tailor them for local needs.

“The Sea Grant Network has developed a variety of resiliency tools aimed to empower community leaders to make informed, science-based decisions.” said Dr. Leon Cammen, Sea Grant College Program Director. “Sea Grant agents work closely with coastal communities and they have a unique ability to identify specific community needs. These resources will help those communities take the initial steps in smart decision-making and planning for a better future.”

Over 100 tools are featured and more will be available with continuous updates.

Features include:

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