In case you missed Capitol Hill’s Ocean Week, sponsored by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, here’s a segment of OceansLive featuring Rhode Island Sea Grant’s Extension Director Jennifer McCann.

McCann was part of a panel discussing how ocean planning can defuse conflicts between various users of coastal waters, and how to maximize the value of oceans.

McCann described how the Ocean Special Area Management Plan (Ocean SAMP) came to be and the process behind developing a framework that has launched the nation’s first offshore wind farm.

“New England is considered the Saudi Arabia of wind, and this was an industry we thought could add value to our state,” said McCann. Areas considered for development were also high-use areas, she said, for sailing, shipping, and fishing. “It was an opportunity to look at the area comprehensively. To look at the environmental and use aspects to figure out where the best places [to develop] are.”


Watch the full interview.

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