North Kingstown: Coastal Resilience


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North Kingstown is a West Bay coastal community that bridges the urban core of the state and the rural characteristics of small-town Rhode Island. Community leaders have had to grapple with the varied challenges and opportunities presented by such diverse land uses as the port at Quonset Point and the historic village of Wickford, and their vulnerability to the accelerating sea level rise and inundation that accompany climate change.


North Kingstown Climate Adaptation Fact Sheet

Municipal officials, staff, and volunteer boards have considered the built environment, natural environment, and the economic climate within their comprehensive plan, hazard mitigation plan, their capital improvement program, and their transportation improvement program. Rhode Island Sea Grant worked with North Kingstown to develop maps, assess vulnerability, and identify recommendations based on lessons learned from other places for the community to adapt to rising seas. Utilizing tools developed in this pilot application in North Kingstown, the maps, process, and strategies can be utilized by other municipalities, who will be required to incorporate climate change issues within their future comprehensive plans.


Statewide Digital Elevation and Bathymetry Data Tool for Sea Level Rise Planning

The data featured here provide communities with a sound basis from which to start understanding and addressing the local impacts of sea level rise. A rich collection of data has enabled the creation of accurate high resolution maps and detailed scenarios to assist with planning for sea level rise. Note: Sea level rise scenarios indicated on the maps do not account for storm surges, which could increase sea level ranges as much as 10 feet, as in the 2938 hurricane. Maps are for planning purposes only.

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Maps of North Kingstown Assets Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

This set of maps shows in detail those assets in North Kingstown which are vulnerable to sea level rise. Included are estimates of the numbers of roads and parcels affected by different inundation scenarios, as well as conservative dollar values for at-risk assets.

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