To better adapt to future flooding and erosion, storms and sea level rise, Rhode Island is underway in developing the Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach Samp).

Several new tools have been developed to promote coastal resiliency in an effort to protect communities and environments:

waterfront_guideAdaptation Techniques for Coastal and Waterfront Businesses
How to deal with impacts from storms and sea level rise

A guide to help business owners understand their exposure and risks from climate change, including information on adaptation techniques for any identified exposure or risks.


HazardsNatural Hazards & Climate Change Adaptation

By 2016, Rhode Island cities and towns will need to plan for natural hazards and the impacts of climate change within their community’s local comprehensive plan.  This presentation was created as a resource for coastal municipalities on how to conduct a preliminary vulnerability assessment and adopt climate change adaptation strategies into the local comprehensive plan. While every community is different and will follow a unique planning process, this presentation is meant to provide insights into how to successfully assess vulnerability,  design, adopt and implement adaptation strategies, and monitor their effectiveness.


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