In this issue, we explore local craftsman and other makers that strengthen our communities and keep us connected to the ocean.

We take a look at the dwindling art of quahog tong making; the craftsmanship and storytelling through wampum; the revival of making sea salt; traditional boat building, and communities built by common adventure and gratitude.

While we recognize that our oceans and coasts, their resources, and the communities that depend on them are still facing challenges from climate change to COVID, we wanted in this issue to celebrate the beauty of the things that people make from the ocean and for (and with) their neighbors. We hope these stories will give you a moment of respite amid the daily fray.

– Monica Allard Cox, 41˚N Editor


41ºN is Rhode Island’s Ocean and Coastal Magazine, a publication of Rhode Island Sea Grant and the Coastal Institute at the University of Rhode Island.

This biannual magazine examines topics such as climate change, marine commerce and recreation, ecology, and the history of Rhode Island’s coastal communities.

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