Shellfishermen Support Shellfish Management Plan

Stakeholders, and other partners are being honored at the Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan (SMP) celebration on November 17, 2014, which as made groundbreaking strides in promoting and protecting the state’s $3 million shellfish industry.

Many fishermen have been happy with the process that has given them a voice at the table.

Jody King gives a lesson on clam digging

Jody King gives a lesson on clam digging

Michael McGiveney, president of the Rhode Island Shellfishermen’s Association,  said DEM responded to shellfishermen concerns regarding rain closures in the upper bay, agreeing that the current practices often extended the closure beyond the prescribed week by a day and would change that to reopened a week later at noon instead of the following morning.

“It might not seem like much, but it’s a very productive area,” said McGiveney to the Warwick Beacon.

Jody King, a local quahogger from Warwick that led many SMP clamming workshops, agreed the plan was a great start to a great dialogue between fishermen and management.

“We learned we could work together. All the teams were on the playing field and everything is in one document. It’s all in one place,” said King to the Beacon.

McGiveney said there are about 350 licensed quahoggers in the state, a drop of more than 600 from several years ago. He would like to see more young people coming into the business, an issue that was raised during the work sessions.

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Join us for the November 17 Shellfish Management Plan Celebration to honormembers of the shellfishing community, public and private, who came together for the development of the SMP.

A raw bar and special video screening will be part of the festivities.

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