Preparing Ports to Ride Out the Storm

DEVASTATION FROM SUPERSTORM SANDY IN 2012 is still visible along the New Jersey shore, where thousands of houses were swept away or damaged, and it will be years before the destruction is no longer visible. The Port of New York and New Jersey was effectively shut down for one week after Sandy made landfall, resulting in
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Acidification Threatens Rhode Island’s Shellfish

Rhode Island is identified in a new study as one of the top at-risk areas from ocean acidification in the nation. A new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change looks at impacts on shellfish stocks from ocean acidification, identifying Rhode Island waters as one of the top 15 at-risk areas in the nation. Mark Gibson,
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Battle With The Sea: Helping Salt Marshes Adapt To Rapidly Rising Seas

Courtesy of Rhode Island Public Radio By: Ambar Espinoza / RIPR Rhode Island is losing salt marshes at an alarming rate. Scientists and coastal planners say this is one of the most pressing climate change impacts already facing the Ocean State. Salt marshes are critical fish and wildlife habitats that support the state’s fishing and
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Lessons in Applied Shellfish Farming

Courtesy of the Providence Journal BRISTOL, R.I.— If you want to become a shellfish farmer, a good place to start isn’t in a South County salt pond or a cove off Narragansett Bay, but in a class on dry land. This winter and spring, in a lecture hall at Roger Williams University, as he has done
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Blue mussels not yet the bellwether of NE coastal environment

The following information was released by Brown University: PROVIDENCE, R.I.— Mussels could be the perfect ‘sentinel’ species to signal the health of coastal ecosystems. But a new study of blue mussels in estuary ecosystems along 600 kilometers of coastline in the Northeast uncovered three key mysteries that will have to be solved first. Ecologists sometimes look
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The Nitrogen Cycle Lie

The nitrogen cycle seems simple. As a gas, it’s the most abundant element in the atmosphere, but it can quickly be turned into organic nitrogen, ammonium or nitrate through fixation done naturally in ecosystems by microbes. It can then be used to fuel plant growth. But there’s a catch. “It’s a lie. A total lie,”
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New Documentary on Narragansett Bay Quahogs

Narragansett Bay quahogs have not only served as a cultural icon to the state, but are also a valuable commodity supporting a $5 million fishery. The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) has released a new documentary showcasing the value of the Rhode Island quahog and efforts of a collaborative research project to protect this important resource. Taking Stock
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North Kingstown Receives Walter B. Jones Memorial Award

What started out as a pilot project in 2009 to study climate adaptations, has now turned into a model for coastal communities throughout Rhode Island and the nation. North Kingstown was one of 11 recipients across the nation to receive the 2014 Walter B. Jones Memorial Award, given by NOAA’s Office for Excellence in Coastal
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STORMTOOLS Sets Up RI Coast for Resiliency

Rhode Island communities are stepping up to a national challenge in planning for sea level and storms at a local level. In his State of the Union address on January 20, President Barack Obama said that “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” Rhode Island has already felt the brunt of climate
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State of Oyster Restoration Policies: New Legal Report

When it comes to restoration projects, especially oyster restoration, no two states are alike, but navigating the regulatory process is a challenge for everyone. Many coastal areas are experiencing a decrease in oyster habitat- which is essential to ecosystem functioning and health- due to development, pollution, disease, and climate change among other various factors. To
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