Southern New England’s Horseshoe Crab Population Being Bled Dry

By Abbey Green | Courtesy of ecoRI News Older than dinosaurs, horseshoe crabs have survived plenty. But human impact may be the threat that could wash them out of the Atlantic. For more than 350 million years, these living fossils have crawled ashore underneath the light of a full moon and laid their eggs in
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StormTools Demonstration in North Kingstown Helps Residents Understand Flood Risk

On July 8th, Janet Freedman, coastal geologist for the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council met with a group of local residents at the North Kingstown Free Library to demonstrate STORMTOOLS, a new online mapping service for property owners in the Ocean State.  Used to support studies of coastal management, STORMTOOLS predicts impacts of sea
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Beach SAMP Shares Progress With Stakeholders

  Damage from coastal storms and the anticipation of sea level rise has dramatically increased public interest in what can be done to mitigate shoreline impacts. The Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (also known as Beach SAMP) is expanding the tools and research necessary to prepare the Ocean State for impending sea level rise.
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Harmful Algae Species Identified in Narragansett Bay

In Narragansett Bay, the arrival of warm weather can lead to algal blooms that can form large rusty red or green mats on the water surface, which can create low-oxygen environments and contaminate shellfish – a potential harm to the state’s $14 million oyster and clam wild and farmed harvests. This rapid growth of phytoplankton is caused by temperate
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Ocean Planning to Balance Demands of Coastal Waters

In case you missed Capitol Hill’s Ocean Week, sponsored by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, here’s a segment of OceansLive featuring Rhode Island Sea Grant’s Extension Director Jennifer McCann. McCann was part of a panel discussing how ocean planning can defuse conflicts between various users of coastal waters, and how to maximize the value of oceans.
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Wind Farm Construction, July 2015: Guidelines for Mariners and Fishermen

Seven years after its initial proposal to develop a wind farm in the waters off Rhode Island, Deepwater Wind will begin construction this month to install five, 6-megawatt wind turbines 3 miles southeast of Block Island. This progress puts the project on its way to becoming the nation’s first offshore wind farm. This phase of construction will consist of
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Seafood “Throwdown” Launches Farmers Market

  The Armory Farmers Market in the West End of Providence opens every summer to display the bounty of farm-fresh food products that Rhode Island has to offer. These range from produce, beef, bread, and cheese to coffee and other prepared foods. However, on its opening day for the third year in a row, the
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Aquaculture is Agriculture: R.I. Shellfish Management Plan Updates

Since the November launch of Rhode Island’s Shellfish Management Plan (SMP), research and outreach efforts have continued, and the SMP stakeholder meeting held at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography on June 25th was an opportunity to share recent progress as well as promote upcoming efforts. Since the fall, the SMP team has worked to turn
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A Recipe for Disaster: Climate, Coastal Urbanization, and Water

Major population shifts from rural to urban areas are creating challenges for many environments and landscapes, especially along the coasts where 35 of the 50 largest cities in the world are located, said Geoffrey Scott, Chairman of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of South Carolina. Scott spoke at the Metcalf Institute’s 2015
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Marine Industrial Revolution: Human Impacts on the Ocean

In the past 500 years, nearly 500 animal extinctions have occurred on land while scientists have observed only 15 losses in marine species globally. Nevertheless, it is clear that the global ocean is facing a multitude of challenges, many of which threaten to further decrease biodiversity, according to Douglas McCauley, an ecologist at the University of California,
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