COASTAL STATE lecture series

Wednesdays 4:30 - 6 p.m.
Swan Auditorium, URI Kingston Campus

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Looking at climate change and Rhode Island's coastal communities and ecosystems...Come hear the latest research findings concerning the health of New England's largest estuary, Narragansett Bay, and the ecological and social impacts of climate change in Rhode Island.

All lectures are free and open to the public.

Will RI see more severe hurricanes?
Speaker: Dr. Isaac Ginis (URI GSO) is a hurricane expert and will discuss the current understanding of global climate change impacts in Rhode Island.

How can ecosystem-based management be used in fisheries?
Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Collie (URI GSO) will discuss management tools and approaches used to optimize total fish yield, provide long-term economic viability, conserve biodiversity, and maintain the health of an ecosystem.

FEB 15
What are nitrogen cycling response to climate change and what does that mean for biological communities?
Speakers: Dr. Robinson Fulweiler (Boston University), Dr. Jeremy Rich (Brown University), Lindsey Fields (URI GSO PhD candidate) will discuss nitrogen cycling dynamics in response to a changing climate, impacts of current reduction efforts on phytoplankton growth, and a broad understanding of how Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound respond to nutrients.

FEB 22
How are humans responding and adapting to climate change?
Speaker: Dr. James Prochaska, Director of the Cancer Prevention Center (URI) will discuss efforts of climate change adaptation in implementing actions and behavior changes at both individual and community levels.

Can we protect oysters from disease?
Speaker: Dr. David Rowley (URI Biomedical Sciences) will discuss challenges of bacterial disease outbreaks to aquaculture production and new pathways for combating disease outbreaks in crustaceans and bivalves through the use of probiotics - a method that uses live microorganims to benefit the host organism.

How can sediment cores reconstruct the past?

Speaker: Dr. Warren Prell (Brown University) will discuss he is using sediment cores from Narragansett Bay to reconstruct a historical timeline of biological response over a 500-year time span to recent global warming trends, the urbanization and industrialization of the bay watershed, and the onset of major land-use changes.

FEB 29
What do we know about the geological and physical aspects of Narragansett Bay and RI Sound?
Speakers: Dr. John King (URI GSO), Dr. Christopher Kincaid (URI GSO), Dr. David Ullman (URI GSO) will discuss how seafloor mapping and circulation modeling have expanded our understanding of Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound's geological structure and physical dynamics that impact local ecology.

This series is supported by Rhode Island Sea Grant and the URI College of the Environment and Life Sciences, and the URI Marine Biology Program.