Fact Sheets

General Fact Sheets

P858 Abyss
P1066 The American Lobster
P1415 Aquaculture
P189 Atlantic Mackerel
P1520 Atlantic Offshore Cetaceans - Dolphins
P1521 Atlantic Offshore Cetaceans - Large Whales
P1519 Atantic Offshore Cetaceans - Small Whales
P1391 Bycatch
P597 Barnacle
P931 Brine Shrimp
P932 Boating Security Tips
P939 Boating Security Tips #2
P1364 Catch-and-Release Fishing
P1270 Dealing With the Aftermath of a Hurricane
P934 Eelgrass
P956 Fish Schooling
P1269 Hurricanes
P1266 Hurricane Plan for Boaters
P605 Horseshoe Crab: Understand Him, He's an Old-Timer
P662 Irish Moss: Seaweed in the Home Garden
P663 Irish Moss: Cooking with Fresh Seaweed
P1735 Lobster Shell Disease
P1605 The Marine Food Web
P1365 Marine Recreational Fishing in Rhode Island
P800 Old Sea Sayings
P637 Phytoplankton
P1330 Public Rights-of-Way: CRMC's Designation Process
P1123 Quahog
P1099 Red Tide in the Northeast
P1390 Rhode Island Freshwater Clams and Mussels
P1082 Rhode Island's Swans: Beauties or Beasts?
P187 Scallop
P1120 Safe Alternative to TBT for Wooden Lobster Traps
P976 Sand
P955 Salt: In the Oceans and in Humans
P1670 Shark Attacks
P1607 Sharks
P1518 Small Cetaceans of the Mid-Atlantic
P954 Sounds in the Sea
P1413 Striped Bass
P1337 Swordfish
P1347 Ten Mile River
P1707 The Truth About Jellyfish
P1175 The Blackstone River
P1187 The Pawtuxet River
P1188 The Moshassuck River
P1189 The Woonasquatucket River
P1314 The Pawcatuck River
P995 Tidepools
P996 The Trumpet Worm
P1412 Tuna
P927 Tunicates: Animals with a Coat
P606 Waves
P1618 Whales
P1326 Zebra Mussel: An Unwelcome Visitor
P651 Zooplankton

Aquaculture Fact Sheets

P1464 The Permitting Process: Land-Based Aquaculture
P1465 Permitting for Shellfish Aquaculture
P1463 Biofilters for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
P1479 Water Quality in Land-Based Recirculating Aquaculture

Climate Fact Sheets

Precipitation and Storms in Rhode Island: Trends and Impacts
Sea Level Rise in Rhode Island: Trends and Impacts

Hazard Mitigation Fact Sheets

Blackstone Valley
South County
P1506 Charlestown (pdf)
P1507 Narragansett (pdf)
P1504 Pawtucket (pdf)
P1503 Providence (pdf)
P1505 Woonsocket (pdf)

Boater fact sheets